During the past few days I have been experimenting on JDeveloper extensions development using the Extension SDK.

The Extensions SDK together with a bundle of sample applications that utilize the SDK can be downloaded through the Updates wizard in JDeveloper.

Even though the documentation found online is a bit poor I found it easy to get familiarized with the basic concepts and techniques of extension development in JDeveloper.

The best resource was the sample applications provided which cover a variety of use case scenarios.

I will try to develop something simple during the next few days, and if it turns out to be useful… even better!

Any thoughts about something that you would like to see as a tool in JDeveloper and does not allready exist are very welcome.

These are the resources I found to be most useful:

JDeveloper Extension API

Oracle IDE Extension Samples

A Beginners Guide To Building Extensions for Oracle JDeveloper By Shay Shmeltzer, Oracle

How to get started with the JDeveloper Extension SDK By Nick Haralabidis


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