Performing a unique key validation for an attribute that is declared to be unique in the database requires a round trip to the database. This is quite expensive and there is a fast and easy way to work around it. The following method can be also implemented for attributes that do not have a unique […]

Good looking, user friendly and easy to implement. These are the three most attractive characteristics of the hierarchy viewer component. In the following demo you can see step by step instructions and screen shots demonstrating how to create and link the model objects, as well as how to create the jsf components and bindings. In […]

To calculate the sum of a column (Number)¬† or count the occurrence of a specific value, one could easily iterate and add (or count) the values. This however causes a considerable overhead and is often error prone. Using Groovy expressions this can be implemented fast, easily and safely. Consider the example were we have¬†master-detail tables […]