Oracle ADF Pricing

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The trend in software development tools and platforms for the past few years has been open-source -> provide for free -> charge the support services. I  think it’s safe to say that no one expects Oracle to open-source ADF, but some steps could be taken to, at least, boost its popularity. ADF has been on the […] API documentation API Javadoc ADF Faces Core Tag documentation ADF Faces HTML Tag documentation ADF Faces Skinning Selectors definitions Further documentation Development Guidelines for Oracle ADF Faces Applications Converting from spec tags to ADF Faces Tags Converting from ADF UIX tags to ADF Faces Tags

about the feeds

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I  consider feeds to be a very useful technology for gathering information and staying up to date with the latest news and breakthroughs on a subject of interest. Because of this I have added two separate feed aggregators to this site. One is in the right sidebar displayed at all times and the other is […]


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I am a software engineer mainly involved in web application design and development. Most of the experience I gained was through the development of  Healthcare and Health Insurance Information Systems. For the past few years I have been working with the Oracle ADF framework in combination with other Java and Oracle technologies. At the same […]